S u m m e r  A r t  W o r k s h o p s

For artists entering K-2nd and 3rd-5th grades

Spend your summer in the studio! Each week of Summer Art Workshops is created around a big idea that is explored through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and more! Projects include collaborative and skill building activities, as well as ongoing projects and free art time. Popular themes are repeated year-to-year, but the projects and art created are as unique as each group of artists.


Young artists work daily in their sketchbooks, lunch in the park, and take trips around the neighborhood to find sources of inspiration. Camp sessions are limited to 15 artists per class, with at least one adult per five students for plenty of one-on-one attention. 


ESScp Summer Art Workshops feature two classrooms, each with a dedicated Teaching Artist, for artists of different ages.

Camp days run from 9am (8:45 drop-off) to 3pm.

Extended day option available until 6pm on Mondays-Thursdays (snack, an art project, and park or sprinkler time, weather permitting), for an additional $40 per day.

Early drop-off beginning at 8am available every day for an additional $10/day.

SUMMER 2020 Schedule

Week 1: June 29-July 3  Puppets & Performers

Week 2: July 6-10  Nature, Science, Art

Week 3: July 13-17  Design & Build

Week 4: July 20-24  Stories & Characters

Week 5: July 27-31  Prints & Impressions

Week 6: Aug 3-7  Art That Moves

Week 7: Aug 10-14  Textures & Textiles

Week 8: Aug 17-21  Big & Public

Week 9: Aug 24-28  Places & Spaces

A Day at ESScp Summer Art Workshop


9-9:30am: Arrival, welcome, and daily ice-breaker.

9:30-10:30am: Introduction to the theme of the day. Artists look at and discuss art, engage in collaborative art experiments, work in their sketchbooks, and more.

10:30-11am: Snack break

11-12pm: More art making. Artists explore materials and processes, build art skills, and problem solve individually and in groups.

12-1:30pm: Lunch and play in McCarren Park. 

1:30-2:15pm: Continue the main project of the day, and/or art choice time. A selection of materials and projects are rotated throughout the week for artists to explore on their own terms.

2:15-2:45pm: Clean up, sharing, and reflection.

2:45-3pm: Pick-up and goodbye!

Extended Day:

3:00-3:30pm: Snack break

3:30-4:30pm: Free art time or playground

4:30-5:30pm: Park or sprinklers, weather permitting

5:30-6:00pm: Free time at studio

Week 1: June 29-July 3  Puppets & Performers  Ashley Chapman & Cheryl Paswater

Why so serious? Art can be funny, too! Artists often uses the body, humor and play as a foundation for inspiration, and this week, we will be sharing jokes and making art that makes us laugh as we explore how humor is connected to art making. We will be inspired by artists like Nick Cave and Jim Henson, and will craft puppets and costumes that we will use for our own hysterical art performances.

Week 2: July 6-10  Nature, Science, Art  Harriet Tebbetts & Sharela Bonfield

Artists and scientists are both experimenters and explorers. This week, we will investigate and collaborate with nature to create our art; from observing our environment and drawing, to building sculptures of natural materials, to paintings made with plant pigments we mine ourselves. We will also spend time creating artistic experiments, and explore the work of artists like Georgia O'Keeffe, Andy Goldsworthy, Tom Shannon, and David Weiss.

Week 3: July 13-17  Design & Build  Sharela Bonfield & Paul DeMuro

This week, we will combine found objects, recyclable materials, and wood, rope, boxes and paint to invent technology for the future. We will learn how artists use just the right tools to connect, cut, combine and create as we examine the work of Leonardo da Vinci, Andrea Zittel, and Michael Salter. Ultimately, we will explore simple machines like levers, pulleys, and ramps to build a giant collaborative invention that just might change the world!

Week 4: July 20-24  Stories & Characters  Reuben Lorch-Miller & Harriet Tebbetts

How do artists create characters for movies like "Star Wars", or animated films like "Inside Out"? It all begins with sketching, painting, and a whole lot of imagination! This week, young artists will invent original characters based upon animals, people, and fantastic creatures! We'll look at artists like Carmen Lomas Garza, Joan Miró, and Wangechi Mutu. After building our own comic books, we will even experiment with making a collaborative animated film. Perhaps an Academy Award is in the not-too-distant future!


Week 5: July 27-31  Prints & Impressions  Harriet Tebbetts & Reuben Lorch-Miller

Artists copy the world around them in many ways, and this week we will explore some of the more direct ones. We will discuss the work of Katie Herzog, Max Ernst, and Cai Guo-Qiang as we create rubbings and stamp multiples with printing plates, found objects, and our bodies! Artists will also learn simple mold making and casting techniques to make plaster creations that reflect their own visions.


Week 6: Aug 3-7  Art That Moves  Reuben Lorch-Miller & Iviva Olenick

Artists move materials to make their art, and sometimes the art continues to move without them! This week, we will experiment with how different movements result in different looking art (à la Jackson Pollock), and create kinetic sculptures and mobiles with moveable parts inspired by artists like Tim Hawkinson and Alexander Calder.


Week 7: Aug 10-14  Textures & Textiles  Paul DeMuro & Iviva Olenick

This week, artists explore the magic of fiber arts and their cuddly creations! We will be inspired by textile traditions from around the globe, including felting, weaving, embroidery and batik, to create art that feels as lovely as it looks as we look at work by artists like Anni Albers, Judith Scott, and Faith Ringgold. Young artists will also investigate contemporary artists, such as Mike Kelley, to create colorful, cozy, crazy art that relaxes and comforts, through process and product!


Week 8: Aug 17-21  Big & Public  Anne Spurgeon & Sonya Derman

This week, little artists go BIG by experimenting with art that lives out among us. We will find out what kind of planning it takes to create a large scale work of art, and make art that lives outside and is meant to be touched by everyone. We will also explore street art in the neighborhood, look at work by Keith Haring, Agnes Denes, and Claes Oldenburg for inspiration, and create public art for the outside of the studio!


Week 9: Aug 24-28  Places & Spaces  Cheryl Paswater & Anne Spurgeon

What are our favorite places in the neighborhood? What spaces can we make ourselves, with materials familiar, new, and discovered along the way? This week, we will investigate artists inspired by specific and imagined places, like Francis Alÿs and Bodys Isek Kingelez, and artists who make space the subject of their work, like James Turrell. And what program about spaces would be complete without some good old fashioned fort building?

Due to ongoing concerns about operating safely during the coronavirus pandemic, in-person Summer Art Workshops will not run this year. We hope to host small group art classes in August, and plan to be open for in-person programming in September. In the meantime, check out VIRTUAL Summer 2020!!