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Health and Safety at Eckford Street Studio: Fall 2020


We are serious about the health and well being of your families and our staff. During the current COVID-19 outbreak, we recognize there is inherent risk in any activity that involves individuals outside your household. These are the measures we are taking to minimize that risk.

Our space:

+ We have installed HEPA air purifiers with the capacity to exchange the air six times per hour in each room of the studio, including a UV HEPA purifier in the bathroom.

+ Our heating/cooling units have been outfitted with MERV13 filters.

+ Soap and sanitizer dispensers are touchless, and we have installed a hot air dryer in the bathroom, and touchless paper towel dispenser at our utility sink.

+ Furniture has been arranged to allow for each artist to have their own worktable and space to move around, with at least 6' of space between them and any other artist.

+ Class sizes are limited to eight participants.

Our staff:

+ Our staff is committed to regular COVID testing and transparency about health issues that affect our community.

+ Each group of students will have a consistent teaching artist and assistant for each session.

+ No more than one administrator will be on site during programming, and will typically remain in the office, to further limit the number of people in the space.


+ All staff and students have their temperature checked at drop off.

+ Caregivers will not enter the studio, but will drop students outside at the beginning of the program, and meet them outside at the end of the program. 

+ High touch areas will be sanitized regularly.

+ Students will not share supplies, but will have their own materials to use each class.

+ Caregivers will be asked to sign a certification regarding basic health and safety measures, and confirming no one in their household, to the best of their knowledge, is sick.

+ All participants, students and staff, are required to wear masks at all times.

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