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ESS Community Projects brings high quality art education to all members of our North Brooklyn community, regardless of income or experience.

According to data from the City of New York, 36% of families with children under 18 in Greenpoint and Williamsburg live below the poverty line. 96% of our neighborhood's public schools are Title I.

We are committed to ensuring that no individual lacks an opportunity to engage with the arts due to their inability to afford it. We are the only local organization with this focus.

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We are expanding our scholarship program to bring more students into our studio. We are developing new programs to serve teens and adults. We are recruiting more local artists to work with children and families, connecting people directly to their creative process. We are partnering with local organizations to bring art to people where they already live and work.


Participants in ESS Community Projects programs develop confidence, resiliency, empathy, and

critical thinking skills.


They do so through explorations in a variety of materials, methods, and ideas. They learn to synthesize information in new ways.

Responsive, student-driven curricula are designed by experienced educators to foster the skills necessary for an authentic artistic practice, deepening students' understanding of the world around them.

ESScp artists build a creative community as they inspire each other, realize personal visions, and make

beautiful messes.

100% of parents agree that an Eckford Street Studio art education is unique

98% of parents tell us their children look forward to their classes at Eckford Street Studio

96% of parents would recommend

our programs to a friend

94% of our students feel comfortable and knowledgeable in the art studio

92% of parents feel the art education their child receives from ESScp educators is unique

92% report their child shows a sense of pride and accomplishment about the work they

do at the art studio

89% of our students tell us that when they are making art they do not give up

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