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Participating in art helps children expand their critical thinking skills, synthesize information in new ways, and develop confidence in their own choices. ESS Community Projects' School Partnerships Program works with our community's schools to provide opportunities for this kind of learning, at a time when such opportunities are becoming more and more scarce. 

ESScp Classroom Residencies pair Teaching Artists with classroom teachers for ten or twenty weeks to collaborate on long term art projects. During these partnerships, students learn art techniques and processes, and practice analyzing and discussing art to deepen their understanding of class curriculum. Residencies are available for students in pre-K through high school, and culminate in an in-school art exhibition for parents and the school community to enjoy.

ESS Community Projects also provides Onsite Art After School programs, one- to three-part Art Adventure programs which include a field trip to Eckford Street Studio, and Professional Development for classroom teachers on methods of using art processes in the classroom.

To learn more about ESScp School Partnerships, contact us at, or 347-464-6929.

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