Hi from Kristin! Sketchbooks and Drawing Games

A sketchbook is an important tool for many artists. Among other things, it can serve as a portable studio, when you are not able to make it to yours! In this demo, artists will learn to make a sketchbook from any piece of paper with a single cut. Then we will practice some drawing games that can be played alone, or with a partner!


  • Paper, ideally 8.5” x 11” or larger

  • Pencil, any kind

  • Paper plate or stiff piece of paper or cardboard

Questions to ask your child before you watch:

  • How do you like to use your sketchbook?

  • What else might a sketchbook be used for?

Activities included in recorded demo:

  • Making a poncho sketchbook

  • Neverending shape game

  • A thousand lines game

  • Blind contour drawing


Reflection questions to ask your child:

  • Which drawing activity would you like to try again? What might you do differently?

  • Which drawing surprised you the most?

  • What will you put on the blank page of your book?


We welcome photos or videos of students sharing their work! Please email to info@esscp.org


Additional resources

"Letter of Recommendation: Blind Contour Drawing"

How to fold a poncho book from Esther K. Smith’s How to Make Books (Amazon link)

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