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Compliance with Paper Delivery Deadlines

The deadlines for submitting materials depend on the type of educational or scientific work. Term papers from must be submitted to the department 2 weeks before the defense, graduation projects - 14-21 days before the defense.

When fixing the topic, coordinating the research plan, the student and the research teacher must draw up an individual plan (task, schedule), in accordance with which the workload and time for writing the work are distributed. If a student violates the established "rules", then he has an academic debt. If it is not eliminated before the pre-defense (in some cases, before the defense), then he is threatened with expulsion. The next attempt to protect your work will be only in a year, for this you will have to “recover” at the university.

Every student is required to pass pre-defense and pass state exams. Without this stage, he will not be able to get admission to the defense of the project in front of the examiners. Additional documents must be attached to the WRC, the dissertation: abstract / review, review, report / abstract, presentation, graphic materials. Without them, the work will not be allowed to be protected.

Protection features

The graduate must acquaint the commission with his work. Approximately 10 minutes are allotted for the presentation. During this time, the author must devote the SEC to the key points of the study, demonstrate their ability to systematize data, analytical skills, the ability to formulate a hypothesis and argue it, and prove the effectiveness of the proposed measures.

Defense takes the form of a conversation. First, the author talks about his achievements, and then answers the questions of the examiners. Teachers, employers, representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the USA, etc. are present at the defense of projects. Official opponents who have an appropriate academic degree are invited to defend dissertations.

Performance of works for students and graduate students of MIIT to order

If a student is not able to independently complete a scientific or educational project, then he can seek help from qualified specialists. You can find them through acquaintances, friends, on stock exchanges or in companies involved in writing such works. As a rule, in such organizations, the creation of educational and scientific works is carried out by teachers from leading universities (including those from other universities) with experience in this environment, who know the intricacies of research and the requirements for it. Turning to professionals is a guarantee of success in defense.

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