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Williamsburg Northside School: Noche de Arte 2021

Hello WNS artists, and thank you for inviting ESS into your homes!


In your art kit, you will find:


  • Two packages of Crayola Model Magic

  • Tacky glue and two applicator sticks

  • A piece of wood and spiky ball from the park

  • Two pieces of honeycomb trim

  • A medium sized wooden shape (this might be a disc, cube, or egg)

  • A pair of round embellishments (these might be red, brown, or seashell)

  • Assorted decorations

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 1.39.37 PM.png

Get Inspired!


Before we begin creating our work, we will look at a print by Kenojuak Ashevak. Kenojuak was a member of the Inuit Tribe, and created fantastic images of many different creatures, including owls.


What shapes and colors do you notice? 


How do the shapes and colors create this animal?

This print is called Enchanted Owl. What parts look real and what looks imaginary or enchanted?

Create your own creature!


Your art kit contains more than enough materials to create a sculpture of an enchanted creature of your own. There are endless ways you can put these materials together, and this is one way to create an owl sculpture.

Use one package of model magic for the head, and one package for the body. Shape the clay however you like! You can roll it, smash it, or pinch parts out to make legs or wings or a tail. 


I chose to build my owl sitting on a stick. You can also build your creature on the medium sized piece of wood, or build it without a base.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 2.47.33 PM.png

I used the pair of red rings in my bag for parts of the owls eyes. Use these for eyes for your creature, or use something else, instead!


Once you have the basic shape of your creature, you can use the bag of decorations to add any details or additional body parts. There are objects in all sorts of shapes and sizes - you are bound to find what you need! You can also cut the honeycomb trim into whatever shape you might need.

Share your creature with someone else!


Show your art to someone and tell them about what you made.


  • What kind of creature did you create? Is it real or imaginary?


  • What shapes and colors and did you use to build its body parts?


  • What was the most challenging part of building this creature?


  • Does your creature have a name?

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