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Williamsburg Northside School: Noche de Arte 2021

Hello WNS artists, and thank you for inviting ESS into your homes!


In your art kit, you will find:

  • Large drawing paper

  • Colored card stock

  • Tacky glue and applicators

  • Drawing supplies: Ebony pencil, sharpener, graphite stick, kneaded eraser

  • Patterned collage paper

  • Assorted ribbons and trim

  • Gold washi tape


Make your sketchbook!

These instructions will help you create a sketchbook from one sheet of paper, using just four folds and one small cut! We will use a large sheet of drawing paper from your kit.

  1. Fold the paper lengthwise, creasing sharply, then open.

  2. Fold the paper horizontally, and crease sharply.

  3. Fold the two open ends up the middle, front and back. Open folds.

  4. Grasping both sides of middle from slit, pull apart and down.

  5. Fold into a book form.


If you would like your book to have a cover, fold a piece of colored cardstock in half and glue it inside!

Draw something!

You can fill your sketchbook with whatever drawings you like! If you need more pages, you can fold up another sheet and glue it into your book.


We will look at some famous New York owls and make blind contour drawings from them. A blind contour drawing is when you move your eyes along the shape of your subject and draw without looking at the paper, or lifting your pencil. This is a loose way to practice looking, and there is no pressure to make the drawing look “right” because it probably never will! But it will look interesting, and possibly funny. :)


Snowy owl visiting Central Park

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 7.57.01 PM.png

“Rocky” the Northern saw-whet owl that        

 stowed away in the Rockefeller Center tree

central park barred owl.jpeg

Central Park resident barred owl


Kristin's blind contour drawing


Kristin's blind contour drawing


Kristin's blind contour drawing

Decorate your sketchbook!

Use the trim and collage paper included in your kit to decorate your sketchbooks. I decorated the cover, but you can also glue items inside!


When you are finished, share your creations!


You might explain how you chose the design for the cover of your sketchbook. Or you describe how it felt to draw without looking - was it exciting? Frustrating? Scary? Funny?

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